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The Old Spaghetti Factory opened in Vancouver's Gastown in 1970. Located in a historic building and filled with historic artifacts, the restaurant is also known to be home to at least four playful spirits.

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Location: 53 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A1


The abandoned Headquarters Mill was built as a rough timber mill in 1912-1913. Despite being fully equipped, however, the mill was never used for reasons that remain unclear. Some say the mill was only built so that the company could gain certain concessions from the provincial government. The recession of 1913 may have led the company to abandon it. Parts from the mill were later used to build a new mill in Courtenay.

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Location: Comox-Strathcona C, BC V9J 1N5


The abandoned Stone Butter Church in Duncan BC is 150 years old and has sat unused for most of its existence. This church was highlighted in a 1931 Ripley's Believe It or Not article which made claims of hauntings, and that those involved in it's construction all died under mysterious circumstances.

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Abandoned Mini Golf Course (Coombs BC)

Coombs BC, best known for the Old Country Market and Goats on a Roof, was once home to a Captain Billy's Adventure Golf. Years later, this abandoned mini golf course still stands in a state of decay and is gradually taken back by nature.

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Abandoned WWII Buildings: Point Grey Battery

The remains of the abandoned WWII buildings are still visible at Point Grey on the grounds of the University of British Columbia. Port Grey Battery was a World War II defense installation constructed to help secure the Vancouver harbor from incoming ships. The location of the Port Grey Battery is now home to the UBC Museum of Anthropology, but the historic remains can still be found just outside and down below on Tower Beach.

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Haunted Vancouver: Waterfront Station Ghosts

Vancouver's Waterfront Station, built by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), opened in 1914 as the Pacific terminus for the CPR's transcontinental passenger trains. Today, Waterfront Station is a major intermodal public transportation facility in Vancouver. Although 12 million people pass through the building annually, this historic building is also known to be one of Downtown Vancouver's most haunted locations with workers and patrons experiencing a variety of spectral and poltergeist activity at the hands of Waterfront's several resident ghosts.

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Location: 601 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G1

Nearly Abandoned International Village Mall

Located on prime real estate in Downtown Vancouver sits the nearly abandoned International Village Mall. This dying mall is has space for over sixty stores, but is mostly empty except for a movie theaters, a half filled food court, a few shops and electronics kiosks and a Catfe.

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Location: 88 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N9


Historic Industrial buildings in Seattle's Gas Works Park Gas Works Park in Seattle Washington is a public park on the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant, located on the north shore of Lake Union at the south end of the Wallingford neighborhood. The park was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 2, 2013.

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Location: 2101 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103, United States


Universal Studios Hollywood started offering tours to the public when it first opened back in 1915. We're taking a look back the the Top 10 Lost Attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood. including some amazing rides, live shows and other attractions base on movies produced by Universal, such as Backdraft, Back to the Future, Terminator 2, E.T., King Kong and more.

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Location: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608, United States


Colorful mosaic of Chinese dragon

The Ashcroft Chinese Cemetery was developed by the CPR over 100 years ago with 49 visible grave sites. The first Chinese burial in the public cemetery (end of Railway) seems to have taken place in the early 1940’s. Prior to that all Chinese seem to be buried in the cemetery, or their bodies shipped back to China. Some were also probably exhumed and sent back to China, a custom that was practiced at the time. In 2005 the Ashcroft/Cache Creek Rotary and Ashcroft and District Lions took on the task of cleaning the graveyard up.

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Location: Barnes Rd, Ashcroft, BC V0K 1A0


historic stone, marble and wooden gravestones resting in the grass at Lytton Pioneer Cemetery Hidden beneath tall grasses, amid the pine needles, existed a gold mine of history. In 1986 the Village of Lytton BC decided to uncover and explore one of their greatest treasures. With little information to go by and no map of the cemetery or grave markers, it was a matter of mining history in the dark. Many volunteers helped clear the site revealing the markers. Every gravestone or marker was then examined in detail and individual photos were taken.

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stone gravestones set onto memorial markers commemorating provincial hospital for the insane in New Westminster British Columbia Woodlands Memorial Garden is the resting place of 3,300 former residents of Woodlands Institution (Formerly Provincial Lunatic Asylum / Provincial Hospital for the Insane) and Essondale (a psychiatric hospital in Coquitlam).

When the cemetery was closed in 1977, the grave stones were ordered to be removed and reused as construction materials. Eventually, 620 headstones were recovered and incorporated into a series walls in the Garden. As the majority of headstones were never found, 34 black granite panels show the names of individuals noted in cemetery records.

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Fraser River Heritage Park & Pioneer Cemetery

O.M.I. Cemetery sign reading: Dedicated to the memory of the pioneers at Fraser River Heritage Park The Fraser River Heritage Park is a large park located on the former site of St. Mary’s Indian Residential School in Mission, British Columbia. The park has a panoramic view of the Fraser River Valley and Mount Baker. Special features of the park are the foundations of the school buildings, the original orchard, the heritage plants in the rhododendron and rose gardens, and the reconstructed Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Oblates of Mary Immaculate (O.M.I.) Cemetery is currently on the eastern edge of the Fraser River Heritage Park and is still in use as a cemetery today. The cemetery was the burial site for the priests, nuns, and students of the St. Mary's Mission and Residential School and for many years it was the only cemetery in the area.

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Location: 7494 Mary St, Mission, BC V2V 6Y9

Whistler Train Wreck and Brandywine Falls

Abandoned wreckage of train cars covered in grafitti at Whistler Train Wreck Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, near Whistler, British Columbia provides visitors with a view of the 70-meter (230 ft) falls created when Brandywine Creek plummets into a deep gorge formed by millions of years of erosion.

Whistler Train Wreck is a popular tourist spot, where the remains of a sixty year old train derailment sits among the ancient trees and near the banks of the Cheakamus River. Seven boxcars have covered in colourful graffiti and then surrounded by hiking and mountain bike trails.

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World Famous Rubber Chicken Museum

yellow chicken costume and other souvenirs at the Archie McPhee World Famous Rubber Chicken Museum Archie McPhee's offers a dazzling collection of unique, bizarre, weird and wonderful novelties for sale and is home to the World Famous Rubber Chicken Museum and the Wallingford Beast, a Fiji Mermaid style oddity.

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Location: 1300 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103, United States

Parkhurst Ghost Town

Parkhurst BC Abandoned Town, former logging settlement on the shores of Green Lake near Whistler BC, is littered with historical artefacts including collapsed buildings, abandoned cars, old stoves, and even an intact cabin. The town has been uninhabited since the 1960s and is slowly being reclaimed by the forest.

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Abandoned Homes

I ran across these abandoned houses and decided to find out what was inside. Turns out there was more to the story as this was once the location of a well known roadside cafe, but also the site where a major motion picture was filmed!

Old Mill Site Park

Old Mill Site Park is along the north end of the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody, approximately half-way between Port Moody Rec Center and Old Orchard Park. This park features the remains of the McNair Cedar Mill, destroyed by fire in 1959. Visitors can still access the brick and concrete foundations at low tide. The city refers to these as "relics" of a previous era. Old Mill Site Park can also be reached as part of the Shoreline Trail that winds along the coast of the Burrard Inlet in Port Moody from Rocky Point Park to Old Orchard Park.

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Rat Portage Mill Site

In 1903 the Rat Portage company bought the rights to the lumber mill at the Harrison Mills BC Townsite after a fire deserted the original buildings and machinery. When the new mill was opened in 1909, it was one of BC's largest sawmills. However, after World War 1 Rat Portage decided to pull out of the town altogether, to concentrate on its mill in Vancouver. The machinery was sold and the buildings left vacant, until a fire in 1930 claimed most of what was left.

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Remains of Worlds Longest Floating Bridge

In 1963, the Washington State Department of Transportation achieved a Guinness World Record when it constructed the worlds longest floating bridge which connected the cities of Bellevue and Seattle. The SR 520 Bridge, completed in August 1963 and measuring 2.39 miles in length, with a floating section stretching for almost 1.5 miles.

The bridge carried four lanes of traffic, separated by a curb that was later replaced with a simple Jersey barrier. At the center was a drawspan that opened for large vessels traversing the lake.

After serving Washington State for over 50 years it had begun to show it's age. The original Evergreen Point Floating Bridge was designed before the implementation of modern earthquake engineering standards, with vulnerabilities in its hollow support structures that could have failed in a major earthquake. Additionally, vibrations caused by storm surges and strong winds were able to compromise the aging drawspan, anchor cables and pontoons, which could lead to structural failure in a major storm. This required the bridge to close to traffic during sustained wind gusts of 50 miles per hour or higher for more than 15 minutes.

Although the original bridge carried two lanes of traffic in each direction, it did not include shoulders or pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. The lack of a shoulder led to traffic congestion in the event of an accident, which would block one or two lanes in a given direction and block emergency services from accessing the bridge.

The new bridge was dedicated on April 2, 2016, and was certified by Guinness World Records as the new world's longest floating bridge at a length of 7,708.49 feet long, 130 feet longer than the bridge it replaced.

The bridge was deconstructed into sections 110 metres long with 25-centimetre thick walls and pontoons. It was supposed to be floated to an industrial site in Kenmore for disposal and recycling.However, the city rejected the plan, citing the possible release of toxins in the pontoon's concrete. The sections were acquired by True North Operations Group with the goal of re-purposing the pontoons as temporary or permanent docks or off-loading facilities, piers or offshore storage.

Four years later, the majority of the pontoons continue to sit unused in the Pitt River.

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