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Tiny wooden fairy house resting at base of a tree in Redwood Park Redwood Park was established by Peter and David Brown, deaf twin brothers born to one of Surrey’s earliest pioneering families. In 1881, their father gave them 80 acres of land for their 21st birthday. Instead of farming it, the brothers planted their favourite trees from all around the world, including the largest stand of Sierra Redwood trees north of California. and built a treehouse in the middle of the new forest where they lived until their deaths in 1949 and 1958. The Brown brothers’ treehouse has burned down more than once, but you can still see a replica of the original standing in the centre of the park.

Hidden away in the heart of the forest is an enchanted land full of fairy houses. Many fairy homes are painted in bright colours and decorated with ornaments fit for a fairy princess. Others are constructed from natural materials designed to blend in to the forest.

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Location: 17900 20 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 9V2