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Bellevue Underground Coal Mine Tour

The Bellevue Underground Coal Mine Tour is a unique and historically authentic underground coal mine tour in Western Canada. Equipped with a miner’s helmet and lamp, the Bellevue Underground Mine tour takes visitors 1,000 feet into the mine, where they are 150 feet below the surface. The Bellevue Mine was active from about 1905 until 1961 and was the reason for the town of Bellevue‘s existence. Most of the coal produced was sold to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Like other mines in the Pass, methane gas and coal-dust were significant hazards. On December 9, 1910 an underground explosion claimed the lives of 31 of the 42 men on a partial shift – but had the explosion occured during a full shift, up to 200 men would have been in the mine which could have surpassed the Hillcrest Mine Disaster (only a few kilometres away) for loss of life.

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Location: 2531 213 St, Bellevue, AB T0K 0C0